Promoting Wellness for Prostate Cancer Patients

The following chapter excerpt from Promoting Wellness for Prostate Cancer Patient: Third Edition by Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH is provided courtesy of Spry Publishing.

What's included in this chapter?

  • Medications

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Other Health Suggestion

Promoting Wellness for Prostate Cancer Patients, Third Edition, Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH Spry Publishing, 877-722-2264,


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Men's Health Facts

  • More cases of Prostate Cancer will be diagnosed in men than any other major cancer

  • Prostate Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men

  • Men age 50 and younger should get at least 38 grams of fiber per day
    33.8% of American adults (aged 20 and older) are obese (BMI over 30) -- up from about 23% in the early 1990s

  • Every three minutes an American man finds out he has Prostate Cancer

  • For men, the average age of a first heart attack is 66 years

  • Smoking kills more than 5 million people a year worldwide, accounting for 1 out of every 10 adult deaths, according to the World Health Organization

  • The five year survival rate of Prostate Cancer is nearly 100% when detected early

  • The combination of inactivity and eating the wrong foods is the second most common preventable cause of death in the United States (smoking is the first)

  • Polyps (precursor to Colon Cancer) are found in about 25% of people by age 50, and 50% of people by age 75

  • Prostate Cancer often has no early warning signs or symptoms

  • People with high total cholesterol have approximately twice the risk of heart disease as people with optimal levels

  • Men who experience Erectile Dysfunction have a greater risk for angina, heart attack or stroke

  • There are more cases of Prostate Cancer diagnosed each year than Breast Cancer

  • More than 18 million American men over age 20 have erectile dysfunction

  • The prevalence of low testosterone among men aged 45 years or older is estimated to be 38%

  • More than 32,000 men will die from Prostate Cancer

  • Heart Disease caused approximately 26 percent of men's deaths in 2006.